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Thanks for checking out our Sports Capping site. 

Here at Grogmonster Sports we look to provide some of the best Sports Picks that Statistics and Top Opinions from local news and Top Sportsbooks can Provide.

Our NFL Picks will be a combination of 5 Pick combinations to fit most tournament formats.

  1. $ 20 Dollar Pick consisting of the top Five teams for tournament play
  2. If you subscribe and Purchace the Picks we will also email you our tournament Picks table. Which contains all three of our Statistical, Opinion Based, and combined Picks that we use in Tournament play.
  3. The Picks are Garanteed so if you don't profit. we will put the funds towards future Picks

We know how many of you are tournament Players and have multiple entries.
So this will fit that bill.

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  Week 16          
Statistics Opinions Both        
IND NYG IND   Win Lost %
NE IND NYG Statistics 35 43 0.45
PHI MIA NE Opinions 46 34 0.58
KC WAS MIA Both 44 35 0.56
MIN BUF WAS Total 58 51 0.53

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