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Parlay Punisher


MLB 4% PICKS are 34 and 25

Weekly and Monthly Packages

Our Picks will be from -135 and lower for Favorites and many Dogs

Russels Round Robin!

Welcome to the Russel Round Robin

The RRR is basically the best picks based on the Days Percentage ratings. They are organized by strength from 1 to 3. If you like Round Robins. This will continue into the NFL, NHL, NBA, and college.

     We use the same rules as our regular Picks. If the Money Line is 1.35 or higher, then we take the run line or point spread. If both the Money line and Run Line is 1.35 or higher, then the game is to expensive to play. If it's a dog, then let those dogs bark and take the profit when it comes in.

MLB Free Picks will mostly be the top two 2% Baseball Picks and one Top 1% over/under Pick 4% Picks will only be for Members and Paid entries.


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