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OK,  Here it goes,

        Most savvy bettors know most of this, so this advice is mostly for new to newer players.

1. Make sure you are starting off will a bankroll you have put aside for wagers. To me, it makes no difference how much your bankroll is. If you like sports then you can enjoy wagering if you are using money you don't need to pay bills with. 

2. Your wagers should be about 1% to 2% or your bankroll. 4% max on something that you really like. To some people this doesn't sound like much, but it is extremely important. I have also been a market trader for 16 years. The Number One Rule in trading that all savvy traders don't break is Never place trades without Stops. In Wagering the Number One Rule is, keep your wagers at 1% to 2% level. So important. Competitive Sports Betting is not a sprint. It's a marathon of day to day and week to week wagers.  Don't get wrapped up in one big game or the FOMO. (Fear Of Missing Out). If you do, the system will rape you of your bankroll, and the last thing on the planet I would like to see is someone go bust. I have been there, IT SUCKS. Anytime you think you have a sure thing, remember this saying from Mark Twain.

       It's not what you don't know that will hurt you. It's what you know for sure that just isn't so.

3. Hunt around for good spreads and prices.  So important.  If you live in Vegas, this is easy. There are many Sportsbooks there so you can compare easily. But, it's much harder if you have limited places to wager. The northeast is getting very open and competitive. New Jersey has many online and Retail Sportsbooks along with Pennsylvania, also Connecticut and RI are also offering different Sports opportunities. Try to keep at least Three to Five Sportsbooks on your list so you can compare spreads and prices. This will save you money in the long run if you put the time in.


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