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Hello!  Thank you for your interest in our Sports Handicapping website. I have always wanted to start a business in Sports Handicapping, so this gives me an opportunity to do so. I started this business so that I can offer you something I didn't get when I started....a mentor/ coach to show me the way. I first started wagering in the spring of 1994. (Yes, the year of the baseball strike.) I still remember Mike Greenwell taking the phone call in the middle of the game that ended that MLB season that August. I had a good discussion with a friend of mine that went out to Vegas and wagered on Baseball the year before with good results. So off I went. Hit Las Vegas the next Season and spent about 500K on bets between the spring and the all star break. Got back about 510K making about 10K over three months. Not to shabby and I thought I was a genius at that point. Well, it didn't take to long to prove that I had just learned enough to be dangerous and my learning curve was in the infant stage. Not only that, but there are three other National sports to learn if you want to be an all season player. It took many years of some success and getting my ass handed to me to learn the approaches to the different sports from a wagering perspective. Twentynine years of Sports Wagering and the most amazing thing of all, is that my Wife is still Married to me. With that being said, I would like for you to give me the opportunity to be your mentor/coach and show you the way so that you will be successful and not have to go through what I went through. So let me help you and I will show you the MONEY!

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